We also have a chat, just for us. You first have to register here, then click on this link and join okchat. Be sure to use your Reddit username so other users can recognize you! Would you date someone with thick glasses? So I wear thick glasses that magnify my eyes a lot. Like Bubbles. Really, I have coke bottle glasses and nobody cares but they do the opposite of yours and make my eyes smaller.

It’s Time to Take Off the Rose Colored Glasses Ruining Our Relationships

Is there some secret behind why guys with glasses are so irresistible? Whether they have them to see or just as an added fashion accessory, there is something about these guys that makes girls tick. Guys with glasses have a certain air about them that attract women to their combination of book smarts and mysteriousness. They lure girls in with their innocence and then blow their minds like never before. Not only are they easy to look at, but also have an above-average intellect to go along with it.

if it is acceptable to wear glasses early on in the dating ritual. source. Seriously profile. However, on a first, second or third date I do wish for the guy to And if I bump into someone with my glasses I feel weird. I need to get.

If so, metal frames help you show off your practical side. And if you are more of a hippie type of chic, oversized and colorful optical frames will set the tone for you. They only wore their glasses at night, or when they were forced to because there was an issue with their contacts. These people would hide from the general public as how as possible until they had their contacts back. Today, wearing glasses is a sign of self-confidence.

Are you still hiding the fact that you wear glasses, and are torturing yourself with contacts, whether they are comfortable and not? Try breaking out of the mold and setting a new precedence with your glasses, and see how the opposite cartoon responds. By Jennifer Collins. If you have not embraced the idea of wearing your glasses in public not to mention on a date consider these five reasons to give it a try: They’re the ultimate accessory. Consider it an accessory that how someone is lucky enough to be able to wear on a daily basis.

They make you look smart. They give you a distraction. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.

People wearing glasses dating/married

Years ago, I noticed an old friend wearing glasses for the first time. They were on her face for fashion, nothing but. As a glasses wearer of over two decades, this did not sit right with me. And I told her so, in dramatic and particularly expletive terms. But, maybe I was wrong.

I’m just as feminine and fun with my glasses as I am without. My glasses sure I was wearing a costume and pretending to be someone else.

Growing up, I was hard-pressed to see girls with glasses in books or on TV or in movies. But women and girls who wear glasses are just as pretty with their glasses as they are without; glasses are just an accessory that helps us see. The girl who always played the quirky best friend? Or did I want to be the sexy, pretty one? Recently I had a good friend who was forced to give up contacts for medical reasons.

Having become accustomed to her contacts, she had no idea how to adapt her style to glasses.

There’s now a dating app for people who wear glasses

You’ve heard it before if you wear glasses. You may have heard some less flattering variations on the theme, too, especially in school. Kids can be cruel. But is there any truth to it? Let’s start with the most common assumption: glasses make you look smarter. There’s been a decent amount of research done over the years, and the studies overwhelmingly come in positive on that one.

I briefly considered using them as second-date bait, but it seemed extreme, like forgetting my car in someone’s driveway. I knocked lightly, hoping he’d passed.

Well, if I was not asking this question I would obviously have the answer, and hence, would probably not need to write a post about this. My concern? Believe it or not, I wear glasses. I know it happens in television shows and movies, but I am not talking about those occurrences — I am making reference to reality. I for one, have only ever seen this once in my life.

Yes, once. I am not including myself in this equation, for I am discounting me self from such a question. I guess I could argue if it happened to me it could happen to anyone, but I would disagree because my last girlfriend was not Australian. Yes, back to the contextual Australian dilemma. It is said that in under seven seconds upon meeting someone, a person has already come up with an opinion of who that person is and whether they will like them or not.

Furthermore, I think women have a far greater concern than looks and impressions in this theory…genetics. Many women are going to have children, and as I have discussed previously, whether or not they are intending to have children at a young age, I believe that somewhere in the back of their mind, even unconsciously, they are choosing men partially based on their genetic structure, so if the relationship continues long term and they have children, that said children will have the best genetic security to fulfill their lifelong endeavors.

Looking for a Tinder date? Don’t wear glasses and make sure you show your teeth

Specy is the new sexy! Yes you read it right! Women love guys with glasses. If you are a man who is apprehensive about wearing eyeglasses because you assumed the fairer sex may not like you!

know that there are benefits to dating someone who is a different age than you​ Eyeglasses Trends For Women – Brillengestelle – Brille Cute Glasses,​.

This might impend a beautiful relationship waiting to blossom under his patience and caring. Getting back to work after a long gap of 14 years was a tough job indeed, particularly when it came to making a career choice. She was a teacher before getting married, but had to quit on account of domestic responsibilities. Now, with her kids all grown up, she found it right to turn back to her first-love, her passion- writing.

She simply wanted to do something she loved. Juggling between her roles as a dedicated home-maker, a doting mother and an aspiring writer is no easy task, but she loves every moment of it. And she believes that your attitude is reflected in your writing and that you need not look up to others for inspiration, it is best if it comes from within your own self.

I wear glasses and am an average reasonably good looking guy perhaps — I can have a touch of geek although not a lot.

Russian Women With Glasses

Designer Eyeglasses Sports Glasses. Question Ask questions. Tips: Your question will be answered in 24 hours. Would you date a girl with glasses?

On the website, Lester writes, “The thing about glasses, is that they can tell you a lot about someone’s personality. They are something you.

No back seat smooches for you. They’ve tried and failed at contacts- They gave them a go, but after all the fuss of infections and the amount of stuff needed to wear them- they gave up and went back their tried and trusted spectacles. And you’re a little bit thankful- the green goo in their eyes of a morning was not the most attractive of looks. If it’s hot out- And they get a little face sweat- they go from sexy secretary to clammy co-worker in a matter of minutes.

Kissing can be interesting – The glasses often poke you in the eye mid-snog thus ruining the moment for you both. You’ve fantasised about them using their glasses as part of role play- Or perhaps your partner has fulfilled this wish already- either way- they look hot when they peek over the top of their frames. When they buy new ones- It can take hours.

Look at Your Partner Through Rose-Colored Glasses (Seriously)

It was in college when I got glasses and I hated to wear them until it was noticed that the girls were more comfortable with me than ever before. It made me wonder if the girls liked the men with glasses? So I did a little research to come up with some interesting findings.

But beyond someone’s looks, how good do any of these factors matter for mate selection? One complication is that online daters are not making just one tinder.

He might appear too serious, nerdy or geeky, but there are more to men who wear glasses! Below are some reasons why ladies like you should not hesitate to date a man who has more eyes to adore you. He looks like your celebrity crush. Did someone mention Clark Kent? How about Harry Potter? Who knows? Your favorite author might also be his. It taught him not to care about how other people see him because not wearing one would make him not see anybody else clearly, literally. Walk down the mall, hold hands, and be the hottest couple in the entire world.

Of course, he has to fix his wardrobe with his glasses. It makes them sexy and hip. Men with glasses seem to be more attentive and have a certain level of interesting personality.