Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. This page gives players an overview of changes to the game deployed by Gunfire Games. Developers usually deploy patches to balance gameplay, adjust mechanics, fix bugs and errors or add content. August 26th We’ve released a hotfix to the Subject update for all platforms Steam, Epic, Xbox, and PlayStation 4 with performance improvements including the final boss in Subject , miscellaneous bug fixes, and rebalances Flop modifiers. August 20th. Now they refill Mod Power as well. The goal was to remove RNG and give the player a bit more agency as to when to apply statuses and effects. Red represents offense. Blue represents defense. Green represents a healing effect.

Patch 2 Brings Corrupted Dungeon Changes

Back in January, we started a conversation around improving ranked for We’re starting with the first goal, which covers matchmaking. We want to take a look under the hood of our matchmaking system and make sure that the current system is balancing player matches out the gate to the best of its ability. Our first two ranked matchmaking improvements are in testing and nearly ready for launch.

Players are experiencing issues with voice chat and matchmaking after the v update in ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ and ‘Warzone.’.

We understand that some players, especially at the high end, have experienced a significant drop in matchmaking quality as a result of our recent iterations. We are committed to making matchmaking as good as it can be. For any party that includes an Immortal player, every player in that party will be considered the same rank as the highest player in that party.

We think this trade-off is worthwhile at this high level, however, because matches are unlikely to be of high quality anyways with extremely disparate skill levels within a party given the shallow pool available. Such disparity has often made the games less fun for most players involved. We expect that this will have the net effect of reducing the number of party games at the highest skill levels by some amount, but compared to how infrequent high-MMR party games were in the past, the number of party games should still be higher than the historical average.

For any five-player party, they will now only be matched against other five-player parties, regardless of any other matchmaking consideration. We are unsure if an absolute requirement like this will result in net higher quality matchmaking due to the more limited opponent spectrum available in that case, but we know this is an aspect the community talks about often and we are going to do our best to work within those constraints.


Valorant Patch 0. The servers will be down on the evening of Tuesday, May 12, from pm to around 12 am PT. The program of this brand new update includes a rebalancing of all the rifles, allowing them to be viable in as many situations as possible, but also changes regarding Sage , Cypher , Omen , Viper , Brimstone and Phoenix so that they better assume the role they have been assigned, and also many bug fixes. Maintenance will be required to deploy the patch notes. During this period, the servers and the matchmaking of the game will be unavailable.

Riot Games has announced that this maintenance will last from pm to around 12 am PT , May

The patch is live for PC and PlayStation 4 and it will soon arrive on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 1. The problem is that Nintendo hasn’t detailed how the fighters were adjusted. In the bottom of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s in-game patch notes for update 1. The problem is that Nintendo hasn’t outlined how these fighters were adjusted and whether or not they were buffed or nerfed. This means players will have to find out exactly what adjustments Nintendo made to these fighters themselves. Online communities are already looking for players to fill in the gaps for these patch notes.

Fortnite’s latest patch adds a new mode for aim training and brings back Bouncers

That means this patch comes with a new Agent have you met? A new contract has been added to unlock Killjoy and her associated rewards. Bylines in ink, waves, and digital—but always on deadline. The hum of retro consoles, obscure pro-wrestling memorabilia, and period correct cars fill his time between keyboard key clicks.

Developing an FPS style that’s not long on guts and short on brains. Patch 1.

But in case you missed in the Patch Notes, we’ve got an important and we’ll make adjustments to ensure everyone is playing a fair match.

As part of the maintenance performed on March 24th, we’ve adjusted the distance from opponents and the response time considered when searching for ranked and casual matches. Additionally, for “Connection Status 4” and below, we’ve reworked search parameters and adjusted values to ensure players are matched with users with a better connection. When connecting to players in the Battle Lounge, the match quality will vary based on each player’s connection.

Battles over the network are based on P2P connections. However, if network ports are not opened properly, a P2P connection may not be possible. In such an event, the connection will shift to a relay connection a connection that passes through a special server , lowering the match quality. To see your connection type, on the pre-match screen, view the icon in red above your title.

Smash Bros. Ultimate 1.2.0 changes: Matchmaking/fighters

Patches are Updates to Dead by Daylight. The following is a list of all the Patches that have been released for the Game since its release. The release dates are from the PC version only.

An adjustment to matchmaking and the opening hand algorithm was included in the MTG Arena patch today, along with several bug fixes.

Competitive Mode is an official game mode released for Team Fortress 2. The mode is accessible only by having a Premium TF2 account, a valid phone number linked to their Steam account and must be at least level 3 in Casual Mode. Store to gain access. If a player is eligible for Competitive Matchmaking but has a VAC ban on their account, the only way to obtain access is to buy a pass from the Mann Co.

Competitive Mode is a more refined version of the Casual game modes. As a result, it is much less chaotic and random in nature than Casual matches.

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Riot Games has released a new patch for Valorant. The update addresses several aspects of the competitive shooter, including map changes and the implementation of new features, like competitive mode and ranked matchmaking. If you still haven’t gotten access to the game yet, check out our guide on how to get a Valorant beta key from Twitch streams and make sure you have drops enabled correctly.

In terms of gameplay, the new Valorant beta patch mostly makes adjustments to Omen. Phoenix and Viper don’t get any balance changes, but bug fixes have been issued to address problems with a few of their abilities.

Hello Racers, there is a new mini-update incoming! This update will introduce some new cars into the game: Infiniti Project Black S Koenigsegg CCXR Tr.

Developer comment: Some players were bypassing the penalty system by using alternative means to quit their Ranked Duel matches. As a consequence, all quits, intended or not, will be penalized. We believe that this change is required in order to stop exploits and toxic behaviors. Developer comment: Now that all Quits in Ranked play are being penalized, we have decided to significantly lower the time penalty not to overly punish players with momentary technical issues.

We will monitor the situation and may further adjust this Matchmaking Time Penalty, if required. Developer comment: The previous system was causing players to have a less than optimal matchmaking experience in Ranked as the value used for the matchmaking was static.

Mobile Legends │ MATCHMAKING FIXED – System Adjustments [Update 1.1.66]